International Bible Church
a place of worship for all people


3434 W. First Street

Los Angeles, CA 90004

(213) 382-7925

Service Times


9am Sunday School

10:30am/1pm Service


4:30pm Bible Club (Children)

5:45pm Prayer

History of IBC in Brief

International Bible Church (IBC) was founded on March 5, 1972 with the conviction that when the risen Lord commanded His disciples to make disciples of all the nations, He meant to unite all ethnic groups of the world. Our church began with thirty-two charter members and Rev. Mark E. Oh, as pastor. Transcending our cultural differences, such as customs and languages, we can all live in peace, and learn from one another in Christ culture. All believers are children of God, and are brothers and sisters in Christ.

IBC first met in the Studio Hall, Embassy Auditorium, 843 S. Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California as a nondenominational, evangelical and international church. On June 24, 1974, IBC moved into its present building through the Lord's guidance to His people. In 1978, the Lord provided additional space that was needed for the Fellowship Hall and Sunday School rooms. In 1980 and 1984, God performed more wonders for his people with the addition of the buildings at 3444-3450 West First Street, which now houses our Preschool Department and our Parking Lot. Praise the Lord for his mighty works among his people! 


IBC is guided by Pastor Cesar Ramirez.